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Why Logosynthesis Works.

Discover the transformative power of Logosynthesis in ‘Why Logosynthesis Works’, the podcast that explores how this model is being used for healing and development by professional therapists, counsellors, and coaches. Hosted by Master Practitioner Cathy Caswell, each episode features insights and success stories from experts in the field, as we delve into the theory and practice that make Logosynthesis effective. Join us and discover how Logosynthesis can help you reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential. Subscribe now to never miss an episode.

Episode 1

In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Olga Teunis joining us from the Netherlands. Olga is a career and leadership coach who supports individuals in their career and personal development. She is also a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis, and today she will be sharing her insights on using this model to create flow in work and life.

We all know how stressful work and life can be. By using Logosynthesis, Olga has helped many clients to relieve stress and prevent burnout, enabling them to achieve their goals with more ease and joy.

Join us as we delve into the practical applications of Logosynthesis in creating flow in work and life. You’ll gain valuable insights and techniques that you can apply to your own life, and discover the power of Logosynthesis in achieving greater harmony and balance. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Logosynthesis with Olga Teunis.

Episode 2

Are you looking to heal trauma? Whether you are a trauma specialist looking for a preferred model to support your clients or you are looking for relief for yourself, this podcast is for you.

Shanda Woodin, MSW, RSW is a Canadian clinical social worker in private practice in Nova Scotia. She has been using Logosynthesis with clients for over a decade. She is a licensed Logosynthesis trainer and supervisor who revels in the ever-developing personal and professional growth through this elegant and gentle method of healing with words.

In this podcast, Shanda describes her work as a trauma specialist supporting active military members using Logosynthesis. She describes why it is her preferred method to support clients over other healing modalities, such as EMDR. Shanda also provides real-life examples of results delivered when working with Logosynthesis®. 

Episode 3

In this episode of ‘Why Logosynthesis Works’, we speak with Kuljit Kaur Sehmi, a Wellness Coach and Practitioner in Logosynthesis® based in the United Kingdom. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, or trauma, you’ll want to tune in to hear Kuljit describe her work in helping people find relief.

Kuljit shares why Logosynthesis is her preferred method to support her own wellness and guide clients to heal and feel better. Follow our podcast to learn more about why and how Logosynthesis is being used by therapists, counselors and coaches to support healing and personal growth.

Episode 4

In this episode, I sit down with Heather Day, a coach based in the UK who specializes in using Logosynthesis to help people overcome limiting beliefs and navigate major life transitions. As a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Logosynthesis, Heather has extensive experience guiding individuals and groups to learn how to use Logosynthesis to support their own wellbeing, to guide clients and to train professionals to become certified practitioners of Logosynthesis.
Join us as we dive deep into the principles and practices of Logosynthesis, exploring how this powerful technique can help you move beyond your fears and limitations and embrace new possibilities for growth and transformation. Whether you’re new to Logosynthesis or a seasoned practitioner, you’re sure to gain valuable insights and inspiration from this engaging and informative conversation.

Episode 5

Do you experience fear, anxiety and frustration in your everyday life? Do you experience a lack of control about what is happening around you?

Welcome to the latest episode of the “Why Logosynthesis Works” podcast. Today, your host Cathy Caswell is joined by Alan Rojas Yacolca, a Coach and Energy Healer, to discuss the power of Logosynthesis in resolving fear, anxiety, and frustration. Logosynthesis is a simple and powerful model that helps people move past limiting beliefs and stressful, reactive habits that hold them back from achieving their goals and living their best lives. In this episode, Cathy and Alan explore the principles and techniques of Logosynthesis and how it can be used to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential. If you’re looking for ways to overcome the negative emotions that are keeping you stuck, tune in and discover the transformative power of Logosynthesis.

Episode 6

Do you want to heal from burnout, trauma, Long Covid or other chronic issues? Are you a therapist who works with clients suffering from chronic issues?

Logosynthesis is a therapeutic and coaching model that offers a powerful technique to support healing and personal growth. Tina Bončina is a physician, psychotherapist, trainer and lecturer based in the Slovenia. She is a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Logosynthesis. In this video, she describes how she uses Logosynthesis to support her clients to shift the underlying memories and beliefs that trigger their distress and empowers them to use the model for self-coaching.

Episode 7

Many parents struggle with how they react towards their children in everyday situations. It is easy to become stuck in stressful and unhelpful patterns of reacting, which can get in the way of your relationship with your child.

In this video, Allen O’Donoghue, one of Ireland’s foremost specialists in youth and family development , describes his work supporting parents in developing parenting skills. Life does throw curveballs that cause stress and worry and when you pay attention to self-care, the better able you are to get back on track quickly. This episode includes a great discussion for parents with children in sports. If you want to develop your parenting skills to feel more confidence and ease as a parent, this podcast episode is for you.

Episode 8

Do you suffer from the effects of trauma? Are you a therapist, counsellor or coach who is interested in learning more about Logosynthesis and its applications in trauma treatment? Ineke Kersten is a medical psychologist at OLVG hospital, working with cardiac and oncology patients. She also works in private practice as a psychologist to guide people in personal growth. Ineke is a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Logosynthesis based in the Netherlands, who has been using this model to support individuals suffering from trauma.

In this episode, Ineke shares her experiences in using Logosynthesis as she guides individuals to heal from both single traumatic events and more complex traumas. You’ll learn why Logosynthesis is her preferred treatment model and gain insights into the theory and practice of Logosynthesis.

Episode 9

In this episode, we’ll be joined by Pamela Ann Burkhalter, an International Leadership Coach based in Switzerland.
Are you a leader who wants to be conscious, centered, and connected, and create a purpose-driven, people-centric, and co-creative workplace? If so, this episode is for you. Pamela has extensive experience working with leaders from a holistic perspective, helping them to strengthen their ability to lead in a way that fosters a safe, inclusive, and collaborative environment.
In this episode, Pamela will share her insights on how Logosynthesis can support leaders in their personal and professional growth. Whether you’re a CEO, a team leader, or simply interested in improving your leadership skills, this episode offers valuable tips and strategies to help you thrive in your role.

Episode 10

Are you struggling to move forward from traumatic events? Do you support people who suffer from past experiences related to trauma?
Logosynthesis offers a solution for lasting relief. Johan is the founder of PTSS Voorbij (Beyond PTSD), developer of True Result™ PTSD and Trauma Recovery Coaching and a specialized PTSD Recovery Coach. In this video, he describes his work to support people who suffer from trauma.

Episode 11

There is ongoing destruction and suffering resulting from Russia’s War in Ukraine. We recognize that the laws and boundaries that are meant to protect are not sufficient. We are witness to intense trauma and human suffering and an immense will to protect freedoms. Understanding the aggression from different viewpoints is an important element of clearing a path forward.
In this podcast recorded in March 2020, Dr. Willem Lammers, the founder of Logosynthesis, offers his insights and perspective around societal and field differences relating to individual freedoms and how that influences the nature of Russia’s aggression. With a view to what is happening in societies, we can better think about what it takes to move forward in these challenging times.

Episode 12

A series of earthquakes in New Zealand left Kate feeling challenged to function in her everyday life. After years of searching for relief, she was introduced to Logosynthesis and received support from Anni to process the distressing memories that she was reliving. In this video, Kate Strong and Anni Reynolds offer us a beautiful insight into the power of using Logosynthesis in a strong working relationship to create safety to process the distressing memories from events that we cannot control. Kate is now able to remember without reliving the events of the earthquake so that she can drive her car and more fully enjoy her everyday life.


Logosynthesis is a therapeutic and coaching model that offers a precise, structured technique to shift traumatic memories (mental imagery) – including those related to natural disasters – for immediate and lasting relief of distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

Episode 13

Self-care is important for everyone, especially those in the healing professions. In the profession, there is a tendency to over give to the determinant of your own health, relationships and the quality of work you can deliver.
In this video, Dr. Lori Hops, a DCEP Licensed Psychologist and Practitioner in Logosynthesis® based in California, describes how Logosynthesis can support your self-care. As a model, Logosynthesis can be integrated with other treatment modalities. It works with more than the mind and the behaviours, but also the body and energy systems.
To get in touch with Lori, visit her website at www.drlorihops.com

Episode 14

Many people struggle to feel confident when they experience change and assume new roles.
Harriet Andriessen is a coach who can guide you using Logosynthesis® to resolve issues related to beliefs, confidence, self-worth and imposter syndrome. When the blocks are resolved, there is a sense of increased ease and clarity for what is important in your life.
You can connect with Harriet to resolve blocks and clear a path forward at: – LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/harrietandriessen/ – Blueberry Hill at https://www.blueberryhill.be/en/about-blueberry-hill/

Episode 15

In stressed healthcare systems based on measuring efficiencies, we may struggle to find time and energy for incorporating a human touch. And yet that is precisely when its benefits are so valuable. Logosynthesis offers a comprehensive model for healing and development, integrating with current practices to support the health and wellbeing of professionals and patients in the system.
Mary Leckie is a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Scotland. She is also a Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis®. In this video, she describes how Logosynthesis can support a human dimension to healthcare. To get in touch with Mary, email her at leckiem@btinternet.com

Episode 16

Are you looking to experience instant relief for toxic stress and anxiety? Are you struggling to cope with traumatic experiences?
In this video, Laurie Weiss describes why she is so passionate about introducing Logosynthesis to the public. Laurie is a psychotherapist, coach and trainer in Logosynthesis® and in Transactional Analysis. She is based in Denver, Colorado and has been supporting individuals to live better for over 50 years. With her extensive experience and expertise, she describes what makes Logosynthesis unique from other models and how you can start to use it right away.
To get in touch with Laurie, visit her website at https://laurieweiss.com/

Episode 17

Social connections are an important contributor to health and wellbeing.
In this video, Ulrike Scheuermann, a psychologist based in Berlin, discusses her most recent book on the topic and how Logosynthesis supports social connections and health.
Learn more about Ulrike’s work and get in touch at https://ulrike-scheuermann.de/

Episode 18

Grief and loss are part of our lives and it can be difficult to move forward after experiencing loss.
In this video, Astrid Klein Lankhorst, a Master Practitioner and Trainer based in the Netherlands, discusses how she guides people in the healing process to relieve their suffering and support their personal growth.
Learn more about Astrid’s work and get in touch at https://www.astridkleinlankhorst.nl/

Episode 19

Many people struggle with stress-related issues in work and life.
In this conversation, Monika describes how she supports individuals to manage their energy and feel better in their everyday lives. Monika describes the benefits of paying attention to your energy to feel peace and find meaning in your life. She guides clients to clear energetic blocks and she teaches individuals how to use Logosynthesis for self-coaching so they can better access their own personal resources.
Get in touch with Monika at https://www.monikakoller.ch/

Episode 20

Are you interested in leadership development? Are you interested to resolve blocks that get in the way of your work and career.
In this episode, Steve Quinn, an Executive Coach based in Scotland, describes his work in a corporate setting. He supports leaders who are looking to make an impact, to resolve areas where they are stuck and to develop their leadership skills.
To get in touch with Steve, send him an email at steve@stephenquinn.co.uk

Episode 21

“Be the energy you want to see! Radiate the energy you strive for!” If you are looking to unleash the inspiring leader within yourself, Logosynthesis can help.
In this episode, Regina Thiergardt, an executive coach in Switzerland talks about her work with leaders at different stages in their careers who are looking to tap into their potential. She describes real life examples of working with leaders to connect with their vision and resolve what gets in the way using Logosynthesis.
To get in touch with Regina, visit her website https://thiergardt.net/ or contact her through social media.

Episode 22

Many children get scared by the little monsters in their room at night.
Myriam describes how she helped her own children deal with the little monsters. She now offers a beautifully illustrated children’s book to help parents and children make bedtime a little easier. Whether the little monsters appear at bedtime, as bullies in the playground or panic around schoolwork, this video gives you insight into what is possible when using this book to guide your child through their struggles!
To order the book, visit https://bit.ly/OrderWillyAndTheLittleMonsters
To get in touch with Myriam, visit her website https://www.myriam-nordemann.com/ or contact her through social media.

Episode 23

Are you looking to engage in meaningful personal development and professional self-care as a professional therapist, counsellor or coach? Are you interested in learning about an innovative energy approach to healing and development?
In this episode, Christin Aannerud beautifully describes why Logosynthesis works through real-life examples of working one-to-one with clients and group training of professionals.
Check out Christin’s website at https://ich-du-wir.ch/ to learn how she can guide you for personal growth and professional self-care. Christin also teaches Logosynthesis at the Institut für Logosynthese Schweiz in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. You can find out more about the Institute and upcoming programs here: https://logosynthese.ch

Episode 24

Many leaders look to improve their leadership skills but often feel stuck in patterns of behaviours and beliefs that get in the way of their goals.
In this conversation, Heike describes how she supports leaders and others to resolve what gets in their way to move forward in their career. Heike describes how her background in science has supported her in adopting this model to enhance her work as an executive coach. Logosynthesis offers a structured model to do the work of shifting limiting beliefs and memories of prior experiences that hold leaders back from realizing their goals.
Get in touch with Heike at Coaching For Excellence: https://www.coaching4excellence.ch/

Episode 25

Many leaders want to shift from being stuck in feelings of fear, blame and guilt to leading from a position of kindness, peace and independence.
In this episode, Tonja Bruckhaus, a leadership coach based in Germany, discusses why and how she works with Logosynthesis to support leaders to resolve blocks to realizing their potential in work and in life. She introduces her new leadership book called ‘Führen aus der Essenz’ (Leading from Essence) and she offers real-life examples of using the model.
Learn more about Tonja’s work at Focus Mentoring and to get in touch, visit: https://focus-mentoring.com/

Episode 26

Are you looking for relief for physical and emotional issues?
In this episode, Nancy Porter Steele, a retired psychotherapist, describes how she became interested in Logosynthesis and why she asked Willem Lammers to offer training in Nova Scotia in 2007. As a trainer in Transactional Analysis and Redecision Therapy, she incorporated Logosynthesis in her work. She continues to inspire the Logosynthesis community with her curiosity to explore what is possible using this comprehensive model.

Episode 27

Healing distressing mental imagery can relieve symptoms related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues.
In this episode, Sandi Kofol, a certified Practitioner in Logosynthesis based in Slovenia, discusses why and how he works with Logosynthesis to relieve emotional distress through shifting mental imagery.
Learn more about Sandi’s work and get in touch at his work: https://www.okconsulting.si/o-nas/ekipa

Episode 28

Connecting with purpose and meaning in your work and life is an important element of wellbeing.
In this episode, Gereon Ingendaay, a transformational coach based in Germany, discusses why and how he works with Logosynthesis in combination with other healing and development models, personally and in working with clients. He discusses how he approaches training in the Practitioner in Logosynthesis curriculum to support his personal growth.
Learn more about Gereon’s work and get in touch: https://www.gereoningendaay.de/