I often look to change others.

Change from within may not be as difficult as changing others, however I am programmed to believe that I am right and it is others who need to change. Why would I possibly want to adjust myself when I am convinced that I am doing things the right way and it is others who have things wrong. In many ways, it is more challenging to see the need for doing my own work than it is to see the need for others to adapt.

I often look to change the world around me.

Changing the world can sound overwhelming. Yet changing my reactions to the world can also be challenging without the right model because my reactions are automatic based on our beliefs. They are energetic, not cognitive. The challenge is that situations in our environment do not match with my beliefs as to the way things should be. I believe I am right and it is my duty to take action to make things better. This is somewhat of an interesting belief!

When I change from within, things around me change.

This week, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. Voter exit polls indicated that the public wanted something different. But the candidate representing change draws power from fear, hatred and anger. I want to a peaceful world and so, I want to change this situation to make it please me. Yet my journey is to explore my reactions to others and shift the energy in my beliefs. I invite you to join me to discover an intriguing, subtle shift by letting go of things that cause us to react so our energy is free for more creative purposes.

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