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Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully by Cathy Caswell is designed to help us see that we can do better. When routines are busy and demands are urgent, it can be difficult to focus on what is important. In the moment, our desire to breathe deeply and relax is overruled by our belief that we need to control or to act. We need to fix things. Our habits and reactive behavior contains energy that damages our relationships and limits us. Because this energy is bound in our beliefs, we feel that we are right and that it is others who need to change. As pressure builds, we experience stress.

We can begin to let go of the energy in our beliefs so that we can find peace and contentment. We can begin to reconnect with the important things in our lives. Logosynthesis is both an eloquent philosophy and an effective, self-coachable technique. This book outlines the method, along with helpful tips, to encourage others to start using this tool now to enjoy life more fully.

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Cathy Caswell is the president of The Healthy Living Plan and she holds a Masters of Business Administration. She has held a successful corporate career in marketing and sales. Her leadership at work and in the community has provided rich learning for creating space for success.

Cathy grew up in a large, busy family and attributes her long-held drive for results to a combination of genetics and upbringing. She juggles multiple important roles – mother, wife, coworker, employee, professional, volunteer, community member, friend, and family member. With increased intensity on getting things done, Cathy had a sense that something needed to change. The challenge was that she felt the need to better control her environment and to fix things. This was requiring a great deal of energy and resulting in reactive behavior.

In 2013, she encountered Logosynthesis. With intrigue and fascination, she has been exploring applications for Logosynthesis. What began as a personal development tool, subsequently lead to a leadership development tool. Her work is to share the philosophy and the method with individuals, corporations and communities. We can build resources by creating space for more constructive working relationships, especially in diverse environments undergoing change.

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