Reactive behaviour is a natural response to an external event.

Life happens and we react.

As much as we try to control our reactions, our body responds subconsciously. We feel the sensations and label the emotions as joy, fear, guilt and more. Our toolbox is full of rational techniques to cope with these reactions but often we struggle with controlling the emotions that arise. We know what we should do in the situation but that isn’t what we always do. Some of our reactive behaviour is labelled as irrational or inappropriate. Our reactions are anchored in our emotions and our beliefs. They are grounded in our energetic field and are very difficult to access with rational thinking.

We work harder. We push further. We act stronger. But this all requires significant effort. We get tired and sometimes we break.

Logosynthesis meets these reactions in the field of spirit and energy. The method uses the ancient power of words to shift energy. The philosophy is intriguing and profound. The technique is simple and eloquent.

By applying Logosynthesis, I have been able to start to shift my reactive behaviour and change my personality. This blog will explore my journey and share my learnings so that you can start to let go of reactions that bother you!