New experiences. Live purpose.

Enjoy life.

The Healthy Living Plan Inc.   •   December 31, 2017

Our resolutions are an important part of turning the page on the year. We have the opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished and what we would like to do differently. For me, 2017 has  been a wonderful year of recharging and looking at life through a new lens. Although the world seemed quite upset, it has provided me with the opportunity to expand my learning and build my toolbox. I have shifted my focus from reacting to the way things should be to recognizing things as they are so that I make better decisions and impact change. The shift is subtle but powerful. As I look forward to 2018, my resolutions will focus on:

  • New Experiences.

  • Live Purpose.

  • Enjoy Life.

New experiences:

I grow through my experiences. These experiences may be fun, enjoyable and entertaining. However, I often sense emotions that I don’t like such as fear, anger and frustration. My natural reaction is to pull back into my comfort zone. In some cases, this is important for my safety. In most situations, the reaction may be triggered by a past experience which is no longer helpful. By pulling back, I limit my growth.

There is a difference in finding the courage to pushing past fear and identifying the trigger to process that fear. For example, I have always had a fear of sharing my writing based on a fear that I may say the wrong thing. However, I know that the work I want to share is important and writing is an important method to communicate. So when I experienced that inevitable gut reaction as I hit the ‘publish’ button, I made note on the sensation so I could identify the trigger and neutralize my reaction. I no longer experience this fear. Rather than habitually reacting to the same trigger, the fear is no longer present.

Live Purpose:

I want to connect with my purpose. As Dr. Willem Lammers beautifully outlines in his development of Logosynthesis®, we are all born with a life purpose but as life’s events happen, our energy freezes and we become disconnected with that purpose. His work has provided me with a simple and elegant method to allow me to recognize the thoughts and perceptions that prevent me from doing the important things in my life. As I process these triggers, I feel more connected to a sense of purpose in my life.

I recognize that my life is a journey and there are many layers embedded in my individual beliefs and my cultural attitudes. These beliefs and attitudes provide order and structure in an overwhelming world, however they also create a sense that others need to do things the same way. I now have a tool that I can work with to process the unwritten and unseen rules. As I explore what holds me back, I have come to recognize that many of my perceived blocks were those that I put in my way based on my past experiences. With the help of the Logosynthesis® method, I have a better sense of purpose in my life.

Enjoy Life:

‘Enjoying life’ is an interesting challenge for me. I certainly enjoy life but I have always felt that I should be working harder, doing more or helping others. In my family, the time to play was after all the work was done. So as I took time to enjoy life, my internal reaction was that I should be doing something productive. That certainly didn’t mean that I always did something productive but rather, there was a part of me that felt guilty, anxious and frustrated that I should be working. These reactions were not always productive. I now enjoy life more fully, with a focus on creative energy, expansive thinking and an open heart.

Your experiences, beliefs and attitudes are different from mine. Your triggers are not my triggers. The beauty of this work is that it is a guided process that listens to you. There is no authority telling you that you have to exercise more, lose weight or eat healthier. It merely asks you to acknowledge your reactions (which we all experience), notice the sensory perceptions and use the power of words to release the energy that is stuck. We have been trained to believe this is too easy to work, but take some time to try it and be prepared to be surprised by the results!

To learn more, read my book: Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully