At times I get stuck … like a broken record.

It is easy to get caught up in the repetitive, energized conversations about who did something wrong or who simply didn’t do things the way they should be done.

At dinner last evening, the comment was made ‘I don’t like dealing with feelings’.

And it dawned on me. Neither do I. Even more, I don’t like listening to conversations that are loaded with feelings that aren’t acknowledged. Those energized conversations about how to change others and change the world to match our beliefs and values. The conversations that are loaded with feelings that aren’t acknowledged and sound like a broken record.

I participate in these passionate conversations. Actually, I have been known to initiate passionate conversations about a lot of things. In my corporate career, the call to action for our sales team was ‘People. Plans. Passion. We have the people! We have the plans! We have the passion!’ And because my beliefs and values are anchored in hard work, team values and perseverance, this passion was recognized and rewarded throughout my career.

I recognize that passion is driven by feelings.

I pride myself in being passionate yet I don’t like to acknowledge my feelings. The behaviours heavily fuelled by passion repeatedly derail results. The same words repeatedly distress the team. The same inappropriate reactions repeatedly distract me from my tasks. Yet because I don’t want to acknowledge the emotion that drives these actions, my tendency is to push on. The ‘stuck’ patterns persist.

I don’t like to talk about my feelings but my feelings speak volumes. I now recognize the power of breaking the repetition of this ‘broken record’. And that is what I love about Logosynthesis®. I now have a tool to resolve these patterns easily, quickly and effectively. I can work on my own challenges at my own pace. I can share this tool with others to help them resolve their distressing ‘broken record’ thoughts and conversations.

It feels good to recognize these stuck patterns for what they are: frozen energy. Having a tool to shift this energy allows me to enjoy life more fully!

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