Supporting Leadership Development

Supporting Leadership Development Using Logosynthesis

Leaders benefit from support in navigating rapidly changing and uncertain conditions.
By using your reactions as information, Logosynthesis® offers a simple and powerful model to become calmer and more present.
This benefits your health and productivity. It also benefits the health and productivity of your team.
In these videos, leadership coaches describe why and how they work with leaders to support transformational development.

Developing Human-Centric Leadership in Organizations Using Logosynthesis®

Are you looking to thrive and strengthen your ability to be conscious, centered and connected in your leadership role? Are you interested in taking your organization forward in fostering a purpose-driven, people-centric and co-creative environment? In this video, Pamela Ann Burkhalter, an International Leadership Coach based in Switzerland, describes her work supporting leaders from a holistic perspective so that they are better able to create a safe, inclusive and collaborative workplace, through both individual coaching and team development.

Supporting Leadership Development Using Logosynthesis®

Are you interested in leadership development? Are you interested to resolve blocks that get in the way of your work and career. In this video, Steve Quinn, an Executive Coach based in Scotland, describes his work in a corporate setting. He supports leaders who are looking to make an impact, to resolve areas where they are stuck and to develop their leadership skills.

Gaining Confidence and Resolving Imposter Syndrome Using Logosynthesis®

Many people struggle to feel confident when they experience change and assume new roles. Harriet Andriessen is a coach who can guide you using Logosynthesis® to resolve issues related to beliefs, confidence, self-worth and imposter syndrome. When the blocks are resolved, there is a sense of increased ease and clarity for what is important in your life.

Getting Unstuck by Resolving Blocks Using Logosynthesis®

Are you looking to resolve reactive patterns that keep you blocked from what is important for you? In this video, Christin Aannerud describes her role in coaching clients using Logosynthesis to move beyond the blocks. She describes a case study about how she guided a teacher to resolve frustration she was feeling towards the work students were submitting. This not only allowed her to enjoy her work more, but students felt more comfortable to ask for help.

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