Expand perspectives with this guided change method.

The Healthy Living Plan Inc.   •   March 8, 2018

We can easily recognize that if we expand perspectives, we enhance results. Our pursuit for education, training and travel are all driven by the premise that broadening our thinking allows for the creation of new ideas and positive change.

Our beliefs provide a lens to frame perspectives:

Our beliefs are formed by our experiences – a combination of thought and emotion. The voices, the images and the sounds of our environment all shape how we perceive the world around us. These beliefs help to provide us with a framework to prevent the world from becoming overwhelming as a young child. However, these same beliefs can also blind us to other ways of viewing the worlds. Our lens is narrowed so that the pictures are familiar and comfortable to us. However, as we are exposed to ideas and experiences that are outside of this lens, we are uncomfortable and feel the urge to change the situation to better align to our beliefs.

We often cite that we are set in our ways, implying that we are not able to change. However we can all benefit from an exciting new method to expand our perspectives at these three levels:

  • Expanding our Individual Perspective

  • Expanding our Collective Perspective

  • Expanding our Creative Potential

Expanding our lens involves releasing the energy that is stuck in these energetic structures that we know as beliefs. As this energy becomes released, it is now available for creative thought.

Creative energy expands perspectives:

Whether we consider individual beliefs or cultural attitudes, our automatic reaction is to change our environment to match our attitudes and beliefs. The challenge is that as we introduce diversity and change, these reactions become contractive, closed and exclusive. In order to expand our perspectives, we must identify, isolate and neutralize the triggers to these reactions. The Logosynthesis® method provides a beautiful guided change method that beautifully supports this process. Using the power of words to shift energy, the stuck energy is released and becomes available for creative thought. We can widen the lens so that we can appreciate a broader perspective, including the perspective of others who may have a different view of the world.

The technique is simple. The philosophy is beautifully compassionate. The results are profound. From healing trauma to building competency, this work supports creating space for success. To learn more, contact me or visit explore resources at The Healthy Living Plan.